We help authors, creators, brands, and organizations engage their audience through high-touch, flexible, direct-to-consumer fulfillment.

Nothing is more important than the way you serve your audience. Whether with product or content, we understand that the execution of your orders is essential. Our desire is to partner with you to help share your dream, your idea, your product, or your message with the world.

Our Role

Givington’s is designed to be an extension of your business. While you seek to expand, we provide the backend support, the warehouse management, and the fulfillment expertise that allows you to focus on growth. It’s important to us that you never feel like a “small fish in a big pond,” so unlike other large 3PL firms, we drive our efforts toward a specific type of partner, allowing us to focus on each client, delivering customized solutions and a level of personalized service that is unmatched.

Who Do We Serve?

We serve a variety of partners across multiple industries. Creators, authors, brands, innovators, publishers, non-profits, and other organizations each have their own unique needs and nuances. Whether you are shipping books, toys, apparel, jewelry, or any other products, we handle all your online orders to save you time and money.

E-Commerce Fulfillment

The book industry is where we first began, providing fulfillment for traditionally-published books, study guides, journals, planners, self-published books and more. We strategically partner with amazing organizations and individual authors that are selling their books and products direct-to-consumer throughout the year.

  • Fulfillment of every order placed through your online store
  • Bestseller reporting to the New York Times & BookScan for qualified sales
  • Access to Givington’s discounted shipping rates
  • Built-in analytics to learn your business & your audience
  • Real-time access to our online order & inventory management software
  • Customizable solutions that fit your vision for your business
  • High-touch service from our amazing team
Project Support

Publishers, authors, and literary agents all work tirelessly to get new books into as many hands as possible. What if you had a team of executors that could provide solutions for your projects and ideas? That’s our job, it’s what we do! As a certified retailer, Givington’s can provide fulfillment for a variety of projects where every book reports with integrity to all reporting entities.

  • Book launch sales and distribution
  • Book and ticket management and distribution
  • Pre-sale “claim card” for event sales prior to book launch
  • Customizable packaging and inserts for value-added content
  • All qualified sales report to the New York Times & BookScan
E-Commerce Fulfillment

We recognize the investment you have made in creating each product you offer and cultivating a relationship with each customer. Our role is to be an extension of your dream coming to life. We connect directly to your e-commerce store and process orders accurately and efficiently.

  • Integration with your current e-commerce platform
  • Fulfillment of every order
  • Access to Givington’s discounted shipping rates
  • Real-time access to our online order & inventory management software
  • Built-in analytics to learn your business & your audience
  • Customizable solutions that fit your vision for your business
  • High-touch service from our amazing team
No Restrictions on Type of Product

We’ve shipped everything from books, apparel, and jewelry, to soap made in Iraq, baby toys, and five-foot long swords. Our job is to help your dreams become reality, so no matter what product you are selling, we can provide the means to deliver that product to your customers with ease.

  • Full suite of logistics service to meet your specific needs
  • Experience in a wide-array of industries and products
  • Packaging and supply partners
  • Flexible, problem-solving mindset
Customizable Assembly

Whether it is monthly or quarterly, Givington’s can manage every detail of assembling your subscription boxes. Through our streamlined and efficient assembly process, we provide your customers with a high-quality unboxing experience without you lifting a finger.

  • Capacity for any number of boxes
  • Customizable packaging and product prep
  • Relationship with multiple box manufacturers
  • Experience in shipping over 70,000 boxes
Fulfillment and Discounted Shipping

When your boxes ship through Givington’s, you benefit from our expertise and our shipping volume. Every month over 50,000 packages ship from our warehouse, giving us great rates that we can pass on directly to you: saving you money.

  • Partnership with multiple carriers offering you the best price on the service you need
  • Delivering boxes to carriers on specific “drop” dates for product launches
High Touch, Relational, Flexible, Easy to access

At Givington’s we are committed to the people we serve. Every partner has a dedicated staff member focused specifically on their business. Our team has a passion for people and believe we can help create solutions that make your life easier and your business more efficient. How can we help?


“Simple, easy to use, and very well put together to ensure a seamless process”

“Every detail was considered…Thank you!”

“You all have this all figured out. I have told everyone about the ease of using Givington’s. Amazing! Easy!”



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